Your personal digital butler

In the new era of digital transformation, MyeHealthPass application (MyeHealthPass) is committed to providing users with professional, comprehensive, and efficient channel for electronic credential management.

One-stop event and schedule management platform

Plan your schedule ahead and manage it anytime anywhere

With the intelligent event registration and management services provided by MyeHealthPass, you can choose to participate in the activities and courses of your choice anytime anywhere while you can manage and review your schedule whenever you like and plan your journey smart.

One-stop event and schedule management platform

MyeHealthPass is an application authorized by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSARG) to verify the COVID-19 Vaccination Record QR Code. The application users can enjoy a convenient registration and payment process under the condition of privacy protection and ensure compliance with the HKSARG vaccination requirements under the vaccine pass.

Building a digital community

Easy-to-use Itinerary Management Solution

Manage your schedule and plan your journey smart, while get prepared according to the epidemic prevention requirements.

Activity enrollment

No matter eating, drinking, having fun, clothing, food, housing and transportation, you can choose suitable activities or courses in MyeHealthPass.

Intelligent Autofill

Intelligent enrollment simplifies the registration process.

Contribute to Environmental Protection

Reduce the use of disposable paper by maintaining all important records in a digital way.

Digital community

New era of Web3.0 – Protect your data, your privacy with your phone. Manage your trip and review your records anytime, anywhere.


MyeHealthPass wallet adopts self-management mode, and users can choose to share the minimum information with enterprises.

Self-management Credential Wallet

In daily life, no matter products or services, we will inevitably receive / use all kinds of electronic credentials. These credentials have different formats and scattered storage. It is usually very difficult to find and save them. Sometimes, the validity of the issued credentials is difficult to guarantee because the identity of the merchant or institution is not verified.