Credential Wallet

In our daily life, no matter we are enjoying government public services or business services,  we will inevitably receive or have the need to use various electronic credentials. These credentials might be issued in different formats and are scattered in storage which cause trouble in displaying, retrieving, utilizing and storing. Moreover, the validity of the issued credentials is not guaranteed because the identity of the merchant or institution is not verified. 

eHealthPass is designed as an integrated self-manageable electronic credential wallet. With the intelligent event registration and management services provided by eHealthPass, users can choose to share the minimum level of personal information with the merchants or institutions while can display and store the credentials in an untroubled way. 

MyeHealthPass specially adopts decentralized design scheme to authenticate and issue decentralized identity (did) to businesses providing products and services, so as to ensure its name authentication, security and credibility; Any electronic credential issued shall be signed electronically, authentic, valid and non repudiation; MyeHealthPass helps users link different industry institutions and businesses. Electronic credentials are uniformly stored in MyeHealthPass (user) wallet and stored in blockchain, which can only be seen by themselves, ensuring personal privacy, convenient management and permanent storage; What is worth mentioning most is that MyeHealthPass wallet adopts the self-management mode, and users can share the minimum information to institutions, such as address authentication and age authentication , without disclosing too much personal information, so as to protect users' privacy and save the trouble of repeatedly logging in to multiple merchants. 

User storage and sharing are completed through blockchain, which is simple and convenient, and greatly improves the efficiency of the whole process. It can be widely used in many scenarios, such as medical verification, educational certification, activity admission verification and so on.

Activity registration credential management

MyeHealthPass provides intelligent and convenient activity registration and management services. No matter eating, drinking, having fun, clothing, food, housing and transportation, you can choose suitable activities or courses in MyeHealthPass, and fill in the form automatically through "IAM Smart" without manual operation. MyeHealthPass will automatically generate registration records and credentials for you and store them in your mobile phone. When participating in activities, you can show offline credentials and scan the code, which is simpler and faster than traditional paper credentials.