MyeHealthPass application

MyeHealthPass application (MyeHealthPass) is committed to providing users with professional, comprehensive and efficient electronic credential life cycle management. MyeHealthPass takes privacy embedded into design with the sensitive data of users will be encrypted and protected through blockchain technology while these data will not be collected or stored by any organization unless with the user consent.

MyeHealthPass application is promoted by the Smart City Consortium(SCC) 

The Smart City Consortium(SCC) brings together a group of professionals from different companies and institutions to provide professional insights and suggestions on policies and standards for the development of Hong Kong into a world-class smart city. We encourage cooperation with different stakeholders around the world to create an appropriate ecosystem to promote innovation and sustainable economic growth in Hong Kong.

MyeHealthPass application is developed and maintained by Certizen Technology Limited (Certizen) 

Certizen Technology Limited is a Hong Kong home-grown startup that has a strategic mindset focused on providing pioneer solutions and applications for electronic identity, digital signature and electronic certificate services. Certizen has extensive experience in providing secure and trusted e-commerce infrastructure and solutions for cross-border business, for which these forward-looking solutions are conformed with the requirements of the law or legal process of e-signature and e-commerce in different regions. As an e-commerce company specialized in Public Key Infrastructure technology and application, for MyeHealthPass application, Certizen Technology Limited is responsible for providing technology infrastructure, technical design and development, as well as the technical operation and support. 

eHealthPass Verifier

In this digital generation, almost every citizen has a smartphone in hand, so online promotions are released for online events or even travel locally, while participants will choose to process registration, payment and manage event calendars online. By joining the eHealthPass community, you can contact designated users at one time, so that participants can confirm payment immediately, and the institution can send a confirmation message to the participants once the event is confirmed. Separately, participants can be granted access to their appointments in the early stage of the event, after the enterprise verified the identity of the participants spontaneously and issue the corresponding information through the intelligent verifier on the day of the event. The corresponding enterprise system can analyze the attendance data, as well as event coordination.