Bring advantages to the MyeHealthPass enterprises

MyeHealthPass is a one-stop event and schedule management platform that supports institutes in the fields of even management, crowd management, online transactions and payment processing, data analysis, etc. With wide adoption possibilities, eHealthPass can support your business in different operation scenarios while reducing the operating costs of daily administration, event management and people flow management. Success stories include large-scale physical events, store flow management, school attendance and extracurricular activities management, online stores operation model, enforcement of vaccine pass in different venues, big-scale lucky draw for Hong Kong citizens, etc.

Separately, eHealthPass is an application authorized by the HKSARG to verify the QR code of the vaccination record, which can definitely support enterprises to continue operating successfully in the face of the epidemic.

Hong Kong Trusted Merchants Program

The "Hong Kong Trusted Merchants Program" (HKTM Program) is jointly launched by the Hong Kong Public Key Infrastructure Forum and the Smart City Consortium, with technical support provided by Certizen Limited, the operator of Hongkong Post e-certification service, and eBRAM International Online Arbitration Center. 

Through the HKTM Program, MyeHealthPass users can conduct online purchase on the platform from the trusted merchants which the identities of the merchants are verified.  The transaction could be completed through FPS payment online and the electronic transaction credentials (such as the purchase receipt, delivery slip and the warranty record) would be detailed in the MyeHealthPass upon authorization for retrieval within 24 hours progressively. With MyeHealthPass, users can preview, retrieve, share or display their electronic credentials whenever necessary, as the shopping record as well as proof for after-sales maintenance with legal binding.

eHealthPass Verifier

In this digital generation, almost every citizen has a smartphone in hand, so online promotions are released for online events or even travel locally, while participants will choose to process registration, payment and manage event calendars online. By joining the eHealthPass community, you can contact designated users at one time, so that participants can confirm payment immediately, and the institution can send a confirmation message to the participants once the event is confirmed. Separately, participants can be granted access to their appointments in the early stage of the event, after the enterprise verified the identity of the participants spontaneously and issue the corresponding information through the intelligent verifier on the day of the event. The corresponding enterprise system can analyze the attendance data, as well as event coordination.

Merchants List

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